Mar 28, 2018

Jay Chou 等你下课

Nov 10, 2016

Talk to me

You talk to me
you speak with me
don't sink before you rise baby
don't fade away

you hesitate
you seem to wait
for all the time we had
feels like a world away

who's to say
we'll be ok
we will make it through the night
don't wanna wake up in this state
i just want us both to smile

cause we're the same
and i know that we'll never change
look i bought your favourite ice cream
i dont wanna see it melt away

if you walk out now
i don't know if we're gonna be the same
baby just talk with me
cause i want you to stay here with me
i want you to stay here with me

Nov 9, 2016

true colors

movie: trolls

Jul 11, 2015

Thank you
I smile.

Feb 19, 2014

sharing two songs i love

Jan 26, 2014


Sep 20, 2013

MV 誰願放手Kelly Chen

Aug 8, 2013

can u tell me how high is the sky
and how deep is the sea